If you don’t see the answer to your question, please reach out!

When will you reply?

I endeavour to respond to you within 24-72 hours unless on vacation. I will always reply even when unavailable so that I can refer you to my preferred suppliers. Please check your junk mail if you have not heard from me in 72hours.

Do I need a trial?

Whilst it is not compulsary to have a trial, I encourage you to have one so that you can feel pampered, see how your hair will look and discuss the elements of your day. This will ensure your look is perfectly matched to your bridal vision, along with addressing all of your needs and concerns. Most importantly, I want you to enjoy the ultimate bridal experience and feel the most beautiful you have ever felt in your life. 

Do I need hair extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are the perfect option to give you that extra wow factor on your special day. They add extra volume, length and hold to the hair. Waves will last longer than in your natural hair, leaving your hair looking beautifully styled all day. Extensions are used mainly for waves, half up-styles and ponytails. Most of these paticular styles on my instagram page have hair extensions in them. Remember this is your one special day to look and feel like a goddess so don’t miss out on having incredible hair.

Clip-ins are availble to try out during the trial. You can purchase them from Medusa Australia They will help you choose the colour if you email them some pictures of your hair. I recommend ordering these after your second last colour prior to the wedding or two months prior. 

How do I choose suitable hairstyles for my bridal party?

Look for hair inspiration on my Instagram page or similar accounts and make sure to save them for reference later. Try to choose pictures that have similar hair colour, length and volume. Blondes tend to have a lot more definition than brunettes due to light reflection and tone. If you or your bridesmaids have finer hair then putting it up will be a great option for a longer lasting style (unless using extensions).

We all come in different shapes and sizes, therefore individual face framing will be better than trying to have a uniform style for everyone. The styles should blend as an overall theme but do not have to be the exact same. If your bridesmaids have hair extensions please tell them to bring them on the day.

How long do you need per person on the day?

I need 30 minutes for short hair and 45 to 1 hour for longer hair and the Bride.

What time do you finish?

I finish everyone 1 hour before the bride needs to leave. In the 30 minutes prior to this I will do any final touch ups. The photographer usually comes around this time so I like to be finished and out of their way by the time they arrive. The final hour tends to get very busy.  If you require me to stay longer you can request this when booking.

How do I prep my hair pre-wedding day?

Updos, half updos, waves & pony’s : Shampoo the day before, blow dry smooth with a hairdryer and brush.

Very fine/thin hair: May need to shampoo the morning of the wedding, ask me first.

Frizzy or curly hair : Will benefit from a professional blow-dry the day before (unless going with the natural curl)

Very oily hair : Shampoo the morning of the wedding but please have dry for me for any up-styles or waves.

Blow-dry only : Shampoo the morning of the wedding. 

Blow-dry pre-curling : I only recommend this if you have very frizzy hair and you know that the curl holds well afterwards. *extra service charge added. 

Wet hair will incur an extra service charge so please have your hair fully dry for me, unless having a blowdry service only. 

How do I shampoo my hair properly in preparation for styling?

Shampoo your hair twice scrubbing the roots and scalp well for approx 1 minute each time to remove any build up, condition mid-lengths and ends lightly, rinse well.

If I have not answered any of your questions here please contact me for further info.